Wedding Cake Cookie How-To

Wedding Cake Cookie How-To
You will need:
- Wedding Cake Cookie Cutter
- Royal Icing Mix
- Sugar/Icing Flowers
- No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
- Parchment Paper
- Squeeze Bottles

1. Make No Fail Sugar Cookie Dough. Cut out as many wedding cake shapes as you can. Bake cookies on parchment paper and let cool on wire rack.

2. While cookies are cooling, prepare the royal icing (instructions on bag). Follow the directions on the Royal Icing Mix for flow icing and let icing set-up firm. Fill squeeze bottles with the icing - this is where a cup with a spout comes in handy! You can also mix in flavored oils to add extra flavor to the icing. We love lemon oil and almond oil.

3. Begin frosting each cookie, starting with the bottom layer of white using the flood icing technique. Let the 1st layer dry before moving onto the details. Add the decorative details carefully on top of the first layer as you choose. Then add the finishing touches, such as sugar flowers or pearls!

4. Let cookies dry overnight or for at least 6 hours until icing is firm to touch. Don't worry - your cookies will not dry out. The icing holds in the moisture.

5. Stack cookie and store in an airtight container until served.
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