Sweet Bunnies Cupcakes How-To

Sweet Bunnies Cupcakes How-To
How-to adapted from Lucks!

You will need:
- Sugar Sweet Bunnies Set of 4
- Icing Carrots
- Green Food Color
- Pink Food Color
- Grass decorating tip
- Large Round Tip
- #12 Plain Round Tip
- #5 Plain Round Tip
- Decorating bag
- Your favorite cupcake recipe
- Your favorite frosting recipe

1. Make cupcakes according to instructions. Let cool completely.

2. While cupcakes are cooling, prepare the frosting. Prepare white, pink and green frosting.

3. Pipe white and pink bodies, as shown, using a large plain round tube.

4. Pipe feet and tails with a #12 plain round tube.

5. Attach one Small Carrot Royal Icing Decoration to each bunny, as shown.

6. Pipe arms using a #5 plain round tube, and then use this same tip to pipe toe and foot pads in opposite colors.

7. Apply Sweet Bunnies sugar decorations to cupcakes, using a dab of icing to adhere.

8. To make the grass, your frosting needs to be quite thick. Test it by dipping a spoon into the frosting and pulling upwards; if the frosting forms a peak and stays in place, it is good to go.

9. Fill decorating bag with frosting fit with a grass decorating tip and coupler.

10. Carefully frost each cupcake starting at one edge, place the decorating tip on the cupcake then smoothly and quickly pull up as you squeeze.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz
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