Snowflake Cupcakes How-To

Snowflake Cupcakes How-To
You Will Need:
- Your favorite cupcake recipe; Spice or Ginger Cupcakes work nicely.
- 1 box Pre-rolled white fondant or Fondant Mix
- Medium (3"-4") Snowflake Cookie Cutter
- Pastillage Glitter Snowflakes Set or Sugar White Snowflakes Set or Snowflake Fondant Plunger
- Country Blue Food Coloring
- 4 mm Silver Dragees
- Muffin Cups
- Additional icing of your choice for attaching fondant to cupcake
- Parchment Paper

1. Bake your favorite cupcake recipe. Cool as directed.

2. While cooling, prepare the fondant. Dye pre-rolled fondant with food coloring. Knead in a few drops of food color at a time to get desired color.

3. Once fondant is dyed the color you want, roll out to 1/8" - 1/4" thick onto parchment paper. Cut out snowflake shapes with cutter. Make sure you have enough shapes for the amount of cupcakes you baked. Cover shapes on parchment with plastic wrap to prevent from drying.

4. Frost the middle of each cupcake with icing of your choice and affix fondant shapes to the top, making sure the tips of the snowflake fall to the side of the cupcake.

5. Use additional icing to affix the pastillage or sugar snowflakes to the top of each cupcake. 1-3 sugar shapes per cupcake OR cut out fondant snowflake shapes with snowflake fondant plunger, Attach to top of each cupcake with additional icing.

6. Add dragees or sanding sugar to each cupcake if you desire.

7. Store in an airtight container until cupcakes are served.

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