Caramels Recipe

Caramels Recipe

- 1 cup brown sugar
- 2 cups sugar
- 1 cup butter
- 1 cup milk
- 1 cup heavy cream
- 1 cup light corn syrup
- 2 tsp. vanilla

1. Butter a 13 X 9 inch pan.

2. Combine all ingredients, except vanilla, in a heavy 4 qt. saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for 15-20 minutes, or until butter is melted and mixture comes to a boil.

3. Continue cooking for 25-30 minutes and using a candy thermometer, get the temperature to 244F, or drop small amounts into ice water until they form stable balls, but lose their shape once pressed.

4. When appropriate temperature or consistency is reached, remove from heat, add vanilla and stir thoroughly.

5. Pour into pan. Cool completely, then cut into squares, wrap and refrigerate.


Sprinkle cut squares with sea salt.
Dip one end into chocolate.
Place walnuts on top of caramel while still warm in the pan.

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