Plaid Penguin Cookies How-To

Plaid Penguin Cookies How-To
You will need:
- Holiday Plaid and Houndstooth Wafer Paper Set
- Penguin Cookie Cutter
- Royal Icing Mix
- Edible Clear Gel
- Super Black Gel Food Coloring
- 4mm Silver Dragees
- Squeeze Bottles
- Parchment Paper AND Waxed Paper
- No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe

1. Begin by making cookies according to NO FAIL SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE. Cut out several penguin shapes and bake on parchment paper as per instructions. Let cookies cool completely.

2. While cookies are cooling, cut out wafer paper using the penguin cookie cutter as a guide for wings and body shape using small craft scissors. Be CAREFUL! Wafer paper is fragile. Set aside.

3. Prepare royal icing according to instructions on bag. The icing needs to be the consistency of heavy cream. Divide icing into two bowls and dye one bowl black. Pour icings into two separate squeeze bottles.

4. Decorate base layer of white icing for body of the penguins. Let dry for 15 minutes. Then come back with your black icing and ice a base layer of black icing for the head and feet of the penguins. Using the black icing immediately after the white will cause spreading and bleeding of the two colors. Wait 15 minutes for the white to set up first.

5. Use 4mm silver dragees for the penguins eyes. Make sure to stick them onto the cookies when the icing is still wet. Let cookies completely set up and dry (1-4 hours).

6. Spread a thin layer of the Edible Clear Gel on the back of the wafer paper shapes with your finger tip. Then affix it to the proper location on the penguin. Do the same with the remaining wafer paper pieces for that cookie. Flip the cookie over onto a piece of waxed paper for 30 minutes. This will ensure the wafer paper shapes will dry flat. Repeat this process with the other cookies and wafer paper shapes.

7. After 30 minutes, flip cookies back over and add additional decoration if desired. Edible glitter is a fun decoration to add to wafer paper. Just spread a thin layer of clear gel on top of the wafer paper and then sprinkle with the edible glitter for a sparkly look.

8. Wait for cookies to completely dry before stacking and storing.

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