Layered Flag Cake

Layered Flag Cake
The stars and stripes come through with flying colors on this easy-to-make 5-layer patriotic cake! The Wilton Easy Layers! Cake Pan Set is the secret to making a great-looking layer cake you can just stack and decorate to show off the red, white and blue.

- 4.5 cups Favorite Cake Mix or Recipe
- 5 cups white icing
- Red food color
- 3 oz blue fondant

- Easy layers cake pan set

1. Prepare batter. Divide batter into pans in set. Bake and cool according to pan directions.

2. Tint icing with red food color. Reserve 3 cups white icing. Use spatula and red icing to fill and stack layers.

3. Fill one disposable decorating bag with red icing and one with white icing. Cut about 1 ½ in. from tip of decorating bags. Pipe alternating bands of red and white icing to cover side of each layer; smooth with spatula. Ice cake top smooth with white icing. Use tip of spatula to add texture lines in icing.

4. Use 9 in. fondant roller to roll out blue fondant 1/8 in. thick. Use (4 in.) star cutter to cut shape. Attach star to center of cake side. Use tip 1, a cut disposable decorating bag and white icing to pipe stars on blue star.

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