How To Make Wafer Paper Butterflies

How To Make Wafer Paper Butterflies
You will need:
• Butterfly Wafer Paper
• Karo Light Corn Syrup
• Pixie Dust
• Small Craft Scissors
• Empty Egg Carton
• Paint Brushes

1. Wafer paper butterflies will work on a variety of baked goods. Wafer paper butterflies can be attached to royal icing, fondant, and buttercream surfaces.

2. Let your icing dry completely. (When using royal icing or buttercream)

3. Carefully cut out wafer paper butterflies using craft scissors. Be careful, wafer paper is fragile!

4. Spread a thin layer of Karo Light Corn Syrup onto the printed side of the wafer paper butterfly and slightly fold in the center, so the wings are bent up. Place each butterfly in a section of the egg carton so wings will dry standing up.

5. Add shimmer to the butterflies by dusting with a small amount of Pixie Dust using a small paintbrush. Let butterflies completely dry in egg carton.

6. Adhere butterflies by using a dab of Karo Syrup on the underside of the body of the butterfly and attaching to the cookie, cake, or cupcakes. Hold in place for a minute or so, then let completely dry.

To print illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to make Wafer Paper Butterflies click HERE.

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