How To Frost A Cloud Cake

How To Frost A Cloud Cake
A super cute and also super easy way to frost a cake! How-to from Annies Eats

You will need:
- frosting of your choice
- baked cake - 6" cake shown
- pastry bag
- plain round tip

1. First, frost your cake with a crumb coat (a thin layer of frosting not meant to look pretty, just to keep all the crumbs from messing up the final product.) Let it chill at least 20-30 minutes before moving on.

2. Then, add the frosting of your choice to a pastry bag fitted with a plain round tip. You can use any size you like depending on the look you are going for – bigger dots, smaller dots, whatever you prefer. I went with Ateco #809 here.

3. Pipe a line of equal sized dots vertically down the side of the cake. Use the back of a spoon to spread each dot sideways.

4. Repeat with another line of dots overlapping the previous smeared edge. Smear, dot, repeat, until you've covered the sides of the cake completely. Easy! You can make your cake look very neat and uniform or more fluffy and whimsical depending on what you are going for.

5. There are many ways you could choose to cover the top. I used the same technique to create a sort of spiral from the center outward. You could also do the same thing in the reverse direction (from the outside inward), or do more of a wheel spoke pattern. Whatever you like – your call.

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