Chocolate Transfer Sheet Cake How-To

Chocolate Transfer Sheet Cake How-To
1. Cut and fill any flavor six inch or larger cake with desired filling and icing. It is important to chill your cake before applying the chocolate transfer sheets to the exterior of the cake.

2. Melt three pounds of chocolate or candy coating. Let stand. You can use colored candy coating depending on the transparency of the design.

3. Taking the desired pattern shown here is Bright Polka Dots Transfer Sheets, cut strips from the acetate 6 inches by 1 ½ inches. You will need at least 16 to make a very full bow loop.

4. At the same time measure the distance around the cake as well as height of the cake. You will need to piece together two pieces of transfer sheets to encircle the entire cake. A small piece of clear tape will hold this together.

5. Working on a clean surface covered with parchment paper, take an offset spatula and apply a thin coat of chocolate to the precut strips of acetate. You can work in batches of three to four.

6. After each strip has been coated you will want to join both ends forming a single bow loop. Take a small paper clip the hold the ends together. You will apply the chocolate to the larger strip that will wrap around the cake in the same fashion. Wrap the larger transfer sheet around your chilled 6 inch cake, joining the ends around the back side. Tuck one flap under one. Let chocolate set.

7. After the bow loops and cake have set, peel away the acetate from each bow loop. It is best to have plastic gloves on in order to prevent finger prints and will also keep the chocolate cooler from the warmth of your hands.

8. Have a small piping bag filled with melted chocolate. Working from the outside in, place a bow loop at 12,3,6 9 pm on top of the cake. Place a small dab of chocolate to secure each loop. The next set of loops will be placed in between the first row working your way into the middle. The center bow loops will eventually stand upright giving it a fuller look. Let cake chill and keep in a cool area.

Decorating idea by Chef Mary A. Moy-Hochstetler

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