Beach Buddy Cupcakes How-To

Beach Buddy Cupcakes How-To
Photo & recipe thanks to!
You Will Need:
- Sugar Sea Buddies Decorations
- Candy Rocks or Pebbles
- Yellow, White and Black Sanding Sugar
- 24 Cupcake Liners (white shown - but any bright color would look nice)
- Your favorite icing recipe
- Your favorite cupcake recipe
- Pastry Bag
- Standard Muffin Pan
- Graham Crackers
- Blue Gel Food Color
- Edible Clear Writing Gel


1. Bake and cool cupcakes as directed. Bake in standard muffin pan in white or other desired cupcake liners.

2. Make desired icing or frosting type. White icing is used in photo.

3. Roughly ice cupcakes in white icing.

4. Create "water" by mixing a scant drop of blue food coloring with edible clear writing gel.

5. Prepare "sand" by mixing graham cracker crumbs with Yellow Sanding Sugar, White Sanding Sugar and just a pinch of Black Sanding Sugar.

6. Dip one half of the iced cupcake in the "sand" mix.

7. Loosely pipe a layer of blue gel "water" on the other half.

8. Pipe random white caps on the "water" with white icing with pastry bag fit with writing tip or other tip.

9. Apply one Sea Buddies Assortment Dec-Ons® decoration to each cupcake. Press into icing to secure.

10. Finish with a smattering of Candy Beach Pebbles/Rocks on the beach.

11. Let set and store in an airtight container.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz
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