Teardrop Fan Platter Cookie Cutter

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The Teardrop Fan Platter Cookie Cutter is made of heavy duty tin-plated steel. This fan shaped cookie cutter works well for creating cookie platters.

To make an 11.25 " X 11.25" cookie platter you will need to make 12 cookies with this Teardrop Fan Platter cookie cutter.

Measures 4" H x 2.25" W. Made in USA.

Using just this cookie cutter and assembling 12 cookiess in this shape creates a stunning flower shape. This is a fun new way to present a platter of cookies where each cookie is part of the overall design.

For inspiration on this new trend, may we suggest you search of cookie platters on Pinterest.

This item is also sold as part of a set # 43CC300, you save $.50 purchasing these as a set.
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