Retriever Cookie Cutter

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A new cutter from artisan Betsy Cukla this joyful retriever cutter is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. A Hammer Song original, heirloom quality tinplate cutter,"Retriever" measures approximately 2.5" H X 4.5" W.

Make a batch for the local dog rescue fund raising event, or share a few cookies with your dog loving friends and family.

All Hammer Song tin cutters have superb edges for perfect detail cutting. Handmade whimsical and uniquely American pieces made for the cookie cutter aficionado.

  • All of these cutters are made in the tradition of 18th and 19th century tinsmiths. This means you will see evidence of solder paste where the edges have been hand soldered to create the intricate shape of the cutter. Slight imperfections help substantiate the handmade quality of the cutter.
  • Using only antique hand tools, Bill and Betsy Cukla create original, durable cookie cutters that reflect our rich American past. Highly sought after, Hammer Song's whimsical shapes, superb craftsmanship, and attention to detail continue to attract bakers and collectors worldwide.
  • Because of the rich detailing, these cutters make cookies that are quite beautiful in their own right with no additional decoration. However, for those of you who love to guild the lily, we have found that decorating with luster dust adds color while allowing the detailing to show through.

  • View helpful hints and instructions for great cookies using handcrafted Hammer Song cookie cutters Here.
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