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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil 250ml

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Using hand-picked fresh Meyer Lemons that are cold pressed within hours of harvest, creates an aromatic lemon olive oil that is extremely smooth and bursting with sweet lemon flavor. This Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very distinct, light, and refreshing. The combination of fresh citrus and extra virgin olive oil deliver the health benefits of antioxidants in every serving.
2 fl. oz.

Serving Suggestions:
This olive oil is so versatile that it can be used with seafood, meats, chicken, vegetables, and pasta dishes. Wonderful to use on the grill, or sauteing and steaming your favorite dishes.
When baking, use Meyer Lemon Olive Oil instead of butter. Think lemon scones, biscotti, and lemon poppy seed muffins.
Mix with our balsamic vinegars to create a quick dipping sauce.

Note * All edible items, such as this, are non-returnable.
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