Make Your Own Cookie Cutter Kit

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Can't find that special shaped cookie cutter? Make your own with this wonderful
all in one kit ! You can make any shaped metal cookie cutter quickly and easily.
This complete kit includes:
72" x 1" of easily formed solid aluminum metal strip plus 72" x 1/2" of easily formed solid aluminum metal strip.
18" of permanent easy to use dry film adhesive
Working base & forming tools for
convenient accurate forming
Simple 4 step instructions
Starter patterns, craft ideas & recipes
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Actually Doable
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Sep 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012  |  By Victoria Winteringham
I like dog-breed cookie cutters, but most of the available ones are stiff, posed-looking and boring. I prefer movement. So, I thought I could make my own with this kit. And I did. It wasn't too difficult, because the metal is rather thin and malleable. I made a Bull Terrier. The greatest challenge was forming the small, precise details - the ears and paws. Two pairs of needle-nosed pliers were essential here - one to bend the metal, and the second to hold the first bend in place while forming another bend (that's a problem with this soft metal. It doesn't hold its shape very well) I also found it helpful to mark the place of each bend with magic marker. I used various diameter wooden dowels, pill bottles, jars, etc. to create some curves, although for the dog's back I found it easier just to use my hands. I also found it easier to form the small, fiddly bits first, then the larger areas, like the back. Finally, after applying the two-sided tape to the overlapping ends of the cutter, I used duct tape to hold them together, not clamps. The cutter was larger than I had planned initially, but looks quite bully and cute. It turned out so well that I'm keen to make another. You should try this kit. It works.
Victoria Winteringham

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