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Hooty Owl Wafer Paper - A Johanna Parker Design

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The Hooty Owl wafer paper design is a Johanna Parker original design reproduced on our edible wafer paper. Cookie with this design will be a great addition to your Halloween party. Each design measures approx. 1.75" x 2.75". The edible designs are shown on a 3" x 2" rectangle cookie. Set includes a total of 24 edible designs. Illustrated instructions included.

We used our 3" x 2" rectangle cutter # 42R3X2 in copper to make these cookies, along with our Black and Orange Sugar mix # 59PC90B to decorate the edges.

Each set of wafer paper is accompanied by illustrated instructions showing step by step instructions for applying edible wafer paper to cookies. Wafer paper can also be used on fondant, chocolate, cupcakes and cakes.

Licensed by Fancy Flours from Johanna Parker Design
Johanna Parker is a nationally recognized folk artist and illustrator of collectible Halloween, holiday and seasonal designs with a vintage appeal.

Fancy Flours recommendations

Complete illustrated instructions for applying wafer paper to your cookies is provided with each wafer paper order. It is really easy and just takes a few steps. Leave yourself a bit of time for the process and cutting out the wafer paper designs.

We recommend our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe.

Cut out desired shape and after baking and cooling off frost with White royal icing (item #ROYAL7), let dry and adhere with a thin layer of Karo Syrup or our Clear Writing Gel (item # 9999CKGL1).

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