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Childhood memories of sledding with man's best friend was the inspiration for this cutter. A Hammer Song original tinplate cutter, the Sledder & Pooch measures approximately 3" tall by 5" wide.

All Hammer Song cutters have superb edges for perfect detail cutting and cut beautifully through the dough. Hammer Song tin ware cutters are handmade whimsical, uniquely American pieces made for the cookie cutter aficionado. All of these cutters are made in the tradition of 18th and 19th century tinsmiths. This means you will see evidence of solder paste where the edges have been hand soldered to create the intricate shape of the cutter. Slight imperfections help substantiate the handmade quality of the cutter. Using only antique hand tools, Bill and Betsy Cukla create original, durable cookie cutters that reflect our rich American past. Highly sought after, Hammer Song's whimsical shapes, superb craftsmanship and attention to detail continue to attract bakers and collectors worldwide. Because of the rich detailing, these cutters make cookies that are quite beautiful in their own right with no additional decoration. However, for those of you who love to guild the lily, we have found that decorating with luster dust adds color while allowing the detailing to show through. We recommend that you use our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe to ensure the fine detailing of this cutter is maintained during baking.

View helpful hints and instructions for great cookies using handcrafted Hammer Song cookie cutters Here.
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Tough, But Worth It
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013  |  By Victoria Winteringham
These cutters may seem difficult to use, but once you get the hang of them, they're fabulous! 1) DON'T rub a blob of dough around those incredibly-complicated edges to prepare the cutter for use. You'll just have to clean the whole thing out with a toothpick. Simply put all your dough in a big pile on the silpat and plunge the cutter straight down and straight up. Done. 2) If any dough sticks or gets wedged into one of those teensy weensy crevices, there may be a vacuum in there. One hole for some of these cutters is not always enough. Just make a 2nd hole over that spot with a nail or small drill bit. 3) Dough temperature: Never cold: the dough won't release. Never at room temp: the dough won't release. Always keep the dough coolish. It helps to roll out the dough in small batches. Too large a surface, and the dough warms up. Frequent trips to the fridge are the norm for keeping the dough at just the right temp. You can, however, bake the dough when it's cold. 4) Bang those cutters. Not just a tap, but a series of sharp taps all over the back of the cutter, particularly in areas that - despite everything - continue to stick. As you tap, very gradually pull the cutter straight up. 5) Those troublesome trenches. The cookies are baked. Now comes the decorating. If you're like me and decorate the entire surface of a cookie, you'll find your icing dripping into those incised areas, creating sloppy edges. In the case of this sledding dog cookie, you have several areas: sled, runners, dog, sleeve, scarf, etc. that need to be delineated cleanly. One way is to cover the entire surface with a thin coating of royal icing. This fills in the trenches and, when it dries, you can continue decorating as you wish. Another way is to fill the trenches with a thin piping. 6) This wonderful sledding dog cookie takes me two days to decorate, because I use lots of colors and designs. If you have numerous different cookies that need to be completed by a certain date - Christmas, say - bake, decorate, then freeze, ONE batch at a time. This way, you can start early, work at your stress-free leisure and all will be ready on the appointed day. Your cookies won't go stale. You won't be a crazy person. And your friends will be in awe. I've done it this way for years now and, contrary to what you've heard, fully iced and decorated cookies can be frozen for months without loss of flavor or quality. Hammersong cutters are the most wonderfully quirky cutters I've ever used.
Victoria Winteringham

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