Elderflower Extract

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Elderflower Extract can be used in a wide range of baking applications including cakes, cookies, frosting, and buttercream. One teaspoon is sufficient for your typical cake or cookie recipe. 4 oz. Bottle

** ** Elderflower extract adds a delicate and subtle floral note to a dessert.

** ** The essence of Elderflower and lemon are to be featured in the wedding cake of American Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of England.

Note: When using Elderflower Extract in cocktails and other no-cook applications, it's best to make a simple syrup flavored with the extract first. Then add the mixture to your ingredients. This extract contains alcohol and, if it's not cooked or baked, the alcohol flavor remains and can affect the taste of your recipe.

Note * All edible items, such as this, are non-returnable.
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