Busy Rabbits Edible Wafer Paper

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We are pleased to introduce a new set of wafer paper designs with the charming artwork of Mary Lake-Thompson. You know her playful designs from the wonderful flour sack towels sold at Fancy Flours. Now, we are offering select Mary Lake-Thompson designs on our edible wafer paper for use in cookie crafting.

The Busy Rabbits Edible Wafer Paper is a set of 24 designs on two sheets of edible paper. Designs include charming rabbits busy with their garden chores, snacking on a carrot, or painting Easter eggs. Mary Lake-Thompson.

We used our 3" x 2" Rectangle cutter for these cookies. It is available either in Copper (item # 42R3X2) or in Aluminum (item # 42CCC32).

Cookie size is approximately 3" x 2".

Fancy Flours recommendations

Complete illustrated instructions for applying wafer paper to your cookies is provided with each wafer paper order. It is really easy and just takes a few steps. Leave yourself a bit of time for the process and cutting out the wafer paper designs.

We recommend our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe.

Cut out desired shape and after baking and cooling off frost with White royal icing (item #ROYAL7), let dry and adhere with a thin layer of Karo Syrup or our Clear Writing Gel (item # 9999CKGL1).

Note* All edible items, such as these, are non-returnable.

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