Boo! Ghost Impression Cookie Cutter

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The Boo! Ghost Impression Cookie Cutter is ready for your Halloween celebrations. This detailed cookie cutter creates a clear and fancy design and the word BOO! on your cookies. The imprinted design makes decorating optional. Suitable not only for cookies but also for fondant, homemade play-dough, clay and crafts. Size: 3.5" x 4" inches.

Handmade of Copolyester plastic, food safe, FDA compliance, EU compliance, Styrene free, and BPA free.

Useful Tips:

  • Use a non-raising recipe to make your dough. Search for non-raising sugar cookies recipe.
  • Best results using .2" (5-6mm) thick dough.
  • Remember to coat the cutter with flour before each cut. This makes for an easy, non-stick cut!
  • This cookie cutter is compatible with dishwasher temperatures below 212F or 100C.
  • Hand-wash with lukewarm water and a small brush to remove any remaining dough.
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