SOS! 5 Layer Cake Slicer Set

SKU #16DH127
Availability: Out of Stock
Our apologies, this item is sold out for the season. Use this handy tool with a serrated knife to slice your cakes horizontally. Works on cakes 10" and smaller with a suitable blade length. Can also be used for home made bread. Choose one of the 5 slots for the perfect thickness.

Simple to use:
  • Insert serrated knife blade at same level in each slicer
  • Press the button on slicers to clamp blade into position. A spring inside holds the clamp securely.
  • Place knife and slicers at edge of cake and move the blade horizontally on a flat surface to create uniform cake slices.

  • The compact size, 2.05" x 1.78" makes storage easy.
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