3D Reindeer & Sleigh Cookies How-To

3D Reindeer & Sleigh Cookies How-To
You will need:
- Chocolate Gingerbread Recipe or No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
- 3D Reindeer Cookie Cutter
- 3D Sleigh Cookie Cutter
- 1 - 2 bags Royal Icing Mix for decorating and putting cookies together
- Royal Icing Double Holly and Berry
- 4mm Silver Dragees
- Red Edible Pearls
- Red Food Coloring

1. Use the Chocolate Gingerbread or No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe and cut out shapes for the 3d sleigh and 3D reindeer. Make sure to cut out enough of each shape to make a full standing cookie. Bake and cool as directed.

2. Ice each shape cookies as you desire with Royal Icing (use our photo for reference). Dye 1/3 red for sleigh if desired.

3. Use silver dragees for reindeer eyes and for accents on the sleigh and the reindeer harnesses. Let all pieces dry completely. Add additional layers of royal icing if you like (as we did on the sleigh).

4. Once dry, separate out pieces so that there are enough shapes for the amount of cookies you are making (be careful not to mix the reindeer and sleigh shapes up). Build each cookie by starting with the base. For the reindeer: First affix the reindeers antlers to the body by applying a thin layer of icing onto the slit in the antler. Let dry. You may have to hold the pieces together for 5 minutes before letting them rest on their own. Next, take each leg piece and add a thin line of royal icing in the slit at the top of each piece. Add these pieces to the dried body and antler piece. Repeat with the remainder of the reindeer shapes.

5. Duplicate this process for building the 3D sleigh shapes.

6. Store in an airtight container.

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