3D Dog Cookies How-To

3D Dog Cookies How-To
Recipe & photo thanks to Lucks.com!

You will need:
- Medium Round Cutter
- Royal Icing Mix
- Brown Food Color
- Favorite Soft Icing
- Melted Chocolate
- Sugar Dog Face Decorations

1. Use a medium round cutter to create rounds using our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe.

2. Cut all rounds in half before baking using a knife; use the same knife to cut an appropriate number of elongated triangles which will serve as legs and tails. Bake all cookies and let cool. TIP: You may need to remove the smaller legs and tails from the oven before the other half-rounds, to avoid burning.

3. Use royal icing—white as well as brown-tinted—to ice the legs and tails. Set aside to dry.

4. Use your favorite soft icing to create half round sandwiches for the dog bodies.

5. Attach fully dried legs and tails with melted chocolate. You may also use royal icing to attach the appendages, provided that you have an additional day to allow for drying time. TIP: Use the poses we have arrived at, or use your own creativity to devise new ones!

6. Finish with Sugar Dog Face Decorations, attached with a dab of icing or melted chocolate.

Decorating idea by Sandy McNicol

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