Valentine Cookie Wreath How-To

Valentine Cookie Wreath How-To
You Will Need:
- Gingerbread Cookies Recipe
- Royal Icing Mix
- Jumbo Red Heart Quins
- Small Red Heart Quins
- White Fondant Bows
- White Sugar Pearls
- Wreath Cookie Cutter
- Squeeze Bottles
- Parchment paper

1. Prepare dough according to Gingerbread Cookie recipe and cut out several wreath shapes. Bake and cool as directed.

2. While cooling, prepare royal icing. Mix according to recipe and then thin with 1/2 tsp. at a time of water. Keep adding water and stirring until you reach a consistency somewhere between heavy cream and ketchup. Flavor icing with oil or extract if desired.

3. Fill squeeze bottle with icing.

4. Spread your cooled cookies out on a countertop. Have all of your decorating items close by.

5. First ice a base layer of icing on each cookie, leaving a hole in the center with no icing (as in photo). Let set.

6. For your second layer, add a tiny dab of icing to each of the jumbo and small heart quins and affix to the cookie (tweezers work well here).

7. Add sugar pearls for your next layer, using icing to affix.

8. Add fondant bow last with another dab of icing.

9. Let cookies completely dry before stacking and storing.
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