Poinsettia Cake How-To

Poinsettia Cake How-To
You will need:
- Red and White Royal Icing Poinsettias
- Two color disposable pastry bag
- Red food coloring
- Red Lightbulb Cake Stand Wrapper - discontinued
- Favorite two-layer cake recipe
- Frosting of your choice

1. Bake and cool cake as directed. Frost with initial base-layer of frosting.

2. Divide frosting into two bowls. Dye one bowl with red food coloring.

3. Place frosting into two-color pastry bag.

4. Ice ripple pattern up and down sides of cake moving from bottom to top layering frosting as you go. Frosting will come out of bag and will give red and white appearance as seen in photo.

5. Ice top of cake in similar style.

6. Place royal icing poinsettias on top of cake. Staggering each shape for a "blooming" effect.

7. Prepare cake plate by affixing double stick table around edge of plate.

8. Put together (with tabs) enough pieces of the Cake Stand Wrapper to go around the entire cake plate.

9. Stick wrapper to sides of cake plate.
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