Panda Bear Cupcakes How-To

Panda Bear Cupcakes How-To
You will need:
- Royal Icing Panda Face Decorations
- 24 cupcake liners (white shown here, but any bright color would work great)
- Your favorite cupcake recipe
- Your favorite frosting recipe (buttercream works great!)
- Icing Decorating Tip Set
- 3 Pastry Bags
- Standard muffin pan
- Small craft paintbrush
- Super Black Gel Food Coloring
- Avocado Green Food Coloring
- Brown Luster Dust

1. Bake and cool cupcakes as directed. Bake in standard muffin pan in white or other desired cupcake liners.

2. Make desired icing or frosting type. Divide into three sections. The biggest section for the cupcake base color (cream/white), the next biggest for black and then the smallest section for green. Dye sections accordingly and set aside.

3. Roughly ice cupcakes with a base layer of cream/white icing. Let set.

4. Pipe a panda body with the white icing and let set.

5. With white icing pipe three bamboo pieces, place two on each side of the panda and one off to the side (as in photo).

6. Pipe a few bamboo leaves on each stalk with the green icing.

7. Using a small craft paintbrush, paint luster dust onto the bamboo stalks. Only do this once the icing has set.

8 Now add in the black arms of the panda bear so that it is gripping the bamboo stalks.

9. Apply one Royal Icing Panda Face decoration to each cupcake for the head. Press into icing to secure.

10. Let set and store in an airtight container.
Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz
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