Mini Halloween Muffins How-To

Mini Halloween Muffins How-To
You will need:
- 3D Halloween Royal Icing Assortment
- Star Decorating Tip
- Decorating Bag
- Pre-made or home made mini muffins or cupcakes
- Your favorite frosting recipe (we love buttercream or cream cheese frosting!)

1. Use Store bought/pre made muffins or bake mini muffins according to instructions. Let cool

2. While muffins are cooling, prepare the frosting. Divide into two or three bowls and dye if desired. We left ours white. Fill decorating bag fit with star tip with the frosting.

3. Carefully pipe dollop of frosting onto each muffin.

4. Affix assorted 3D Royal Icing Decorations to muffins by gently pushing into frosting.

5. Attach Spider Web Cake Stand Wrapper to Cake plate with small pieces of tape.

6. Arrange muffins on cake plate and serve.
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