Mardi Gras Jester Cupcakes How-To

Mardi Gras Jester Cupcakes How-To
You Will Need:
- Dresden Trim Jesters
- Mardi Gras Cupcake Liner Collection
- Lavender, Yellow and Green Sanding Sugars
- Cupcake recipe of your choice
- Polish Buttercream Recipe
- Toothpicks
- Glue (craft glue)
- Pastry bag with star tip

1. Make cupcake recipe. Bake in Mardi Gras Cupcake Liners and cool as directed.

2. While cupcakes are baking prepare Jesters by detaching them from their sheet. Apply a small dot of glue to the back of each and attach a toothpick. Let dry on a piece of wax or parchment paper.

3. Prepare icing according to the recipe. and fill a pastry bag fit with star or shell tip.

4. Frost cupcakes.

5. Sprinkle cupcakes with lavender, green and yellow sanding sugars.

6. Insert a jester pick into each cupcake.

7. Serve or store in an airtight container.
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