Helvetica Baby Cookies How-To

Helvetica Baby Cookies How-To
You Will Need:
- Complete Helvetica Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set
- No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
- 1 bag Royal Icing Mix
- Assorted Edible Sugar Pearls
- Buttons and Bows Mold (for hard candy or chocolate buttons/bows)
- Pearl and/or Lust Dust
- 8 oz Squeeze Bottles

Instructions for Cookies:
1. Make No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe and roll out a ball of dough to about 1/4" thick between two pieces of parchment paper. After dough has been rolled, peel off top layer of parchment and use a knife to cut the edges of the dough to create nice a rounded, scalloped edge (see photo for detail).

2. Using Helvetica Cookie Cutters spell out BABY or a child's name. Make sure to place the letters equal distance apart with 1/2" or more between the letters so the dough isn't too thin and fragile. Wiggle cutters when cutting to create deep, wide cuts.

3. Slide cookie sheet under the parchment paper with the dough, without removing any of the pieces.

4. Bake as directed. As soon as you remove the cookie sheet from the oven - use the cutters to re-cut out the shapes. Make sure you wiggle the cutters for a complete cut.

5. Let cool on a wire rack. Once cooled - separate the cookie pieces and make sure that the puzzle goes back together. You may have to shave off a little of each piece with a knife to ensure everything fits together properly.

6. Use royal icing or buttercream to decorate the cookies in desired colores. Add additional decoration, such as edible pearls (as shown).

Instructions for Candy Buttons & Bows:
1. Create adorable hard candy, fondant or chocolate buttons and bows using this fancy mold.

2. Follow instructions on mold depending on what type of medium you are working with.

3. After complete - use luster, disco or sparkling dust to create shimmering effect on the button and bows by brushing it on each piece.

4. Attach buttons and bows to cookie puzzle using royal icing to finish off the look.
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