Faberge Egg Cookies How-To

Faberge Egg Cookies How-To
You Will Need:
- Small Egg Shaped Cookie Cutter
- Faberge Egg Cookie Stencil
- Royal icing
- No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
- Assorted Dragees, Edible Pearls, Luster Dust, Disco Dust and Edible Glitter
- Parchment Paper
- Clear Vanilla Extract (or another alcohol base will do)
- Small craft paintbrush

1. Make No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe according to directions. Make sure to cut out plenty of small egg shaped cookies. Bake and cool as directed.

2. For the next step you may ice some cookies with a base layer of royal icing, and others you may leave plain. Make Royal Icing Mix according to package (you want the icing to be a consistency between heavy cream and ketchup). Using squeeze bottle or pastry bag, carefully ice a base layer of icing on desired amount of cookies. Let icing completely dry.

3. Now it is time for the stencil. Place cookie stencil on egg shaped cookie so that it lays perfectly on top. Carefully ice stencil on the designs onto the frosted or unfrosted cookies. Before icing is set, sprinkle with edible glitter, quins or use dragees to create a fun border.

4. Once stenciled layer of frosting is dry, you may add luster or disco dust to create a stunning shimmery effect. Mix luster dust or disco dust with a 1 part clear vanilla extract to create a "paint." Using a small craft paintbrush, carefully paint the areas on the cookies that you want to sparkle. Let dry.

5. Carefully stack and store in an airtight container.
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