Chocolate Transfer Shapes How-To

Chocolate Transfer Shapes How-To
You will need:
- Various Chocolate Transfer Sheet designs
- Cookie cutter shapes (typically to match the theme of your transfers)
- Dark, Milk or White chocolate
- Double Boiler for melting chocolate
- Cookie sheet
- Spatula


1. Melt chocolate over low heat with double boiler - making sure to still often to avoid burning.

2. Spread out chocolate transfer sheet, rough side up onto a cookie sheet.

3. Carefully pour melted chocolate over your transfer, spreading out the chocolate with a spatula to make sure all of the transfer is covered. Be carefully not to spread to hard as you will smear the transfer design.

4. Let chocolate set for about 10 minutes. Chocolate should still be pliable.

5. Using desired cookie cutter shapes, cut into chocolate as you would cut into cookie dough. Let chocolate completely set until hard.

6. Carefully break off the edge pieces to leave your cookie cutter designs. Peel off plastic baking as you are doing this.

7. Place chocolate shapes on top of cookies, truffles or cupcakes.
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