Ballerina Cupcakes How-To

Ballerina Cupcakes How-To
You Will Need:
- Ballerina with Rosebud Topper Set
- Fuchsia Polka Dot Greaseproof Muffin Cups
- Your favorite cupcake recipe
- Your favorite frosting recipe (buttercream works great!)
- Large Decorating Tip Set
- Pastry Bag
- Standard muffin pan

1. Bake and cool cupcakes as directed. Bake in standard muffin pan in fuchsia polka dot muffin cups.

2. Make desired icing or frosting type. Dye if desired (blue and pink used in photo).

3. Using a decorating bag with a large star tip and coupler, frost each cupcake.

4. Carefully affix a royal ballerina decoration into each cupcake by pushing into the icing to secure.

5. Let set and store in an airtight container.
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