Sweet Crystal Sugared Edible Pansies, Set of 6

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The ultimate in edible floral decorations! Beautiful big pansies have been have been transformed into edible works of art. These crystallized flowers, also referred to as traditional sugared / candied flowers, look like a shimmer of snow has landed on each and every petal. They are fruit flavored and provide a very soft look. We recommend these SweetCrystal flowers if you are striving for a delicate appearance to your creation. Each package contains an assortment of 6 pansies in various colors. The sizes vary: approximately 1.5" to 2.5".
The flowers are completely edible and have been handcoated by a patented process developed by Sweetfields. Sweetfields flowers are nonperishable and will remain picture perfect for years to come if you follow these simple storage guidelines:
SweetCrystal flowers need to be stored at room temperature away from moisture. You can place them on top of your creation in the refrigerator or freezer for up to 48 hours prior to serving.
We make every attempt to package the flowers as carefully as possible but on rare occasion you may receive a broken petal or flower. If a petal should loosen or break off, you can use a dollop of cake icing to glue it back together. In the rarest event that you receive a broken flower in your shipment, notify us and we will get a replacement out to you immediately.
Remember, don't just make time to smell and admire the flowers but remember to enjoy the experience of eating them too!
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