Fondarific Buttercream Fondant BLUE 8 oz

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Fondarific is a high quality gourmet buttercream flavored fondant with a with the delightful smooth and creamy texture. Great for the beginner as well as the professional cake or sugar artist. This fabulous fondant provides almost unlimited work time for beginners because it does not dry out. It has a shelf life of 2 years and can be frozen. Excellent for modeling and sculpting. 8 oz container.

Almost no powdered sugar is needed for rolling and the colors will not run or fade. Contains NO trans fats and is much more forgiving to work with than other brands of fondant. Made in the USA.


Fondarific in Summer Months

Do not be alarmed if Fondarific is very soft and buttery. Let Fondarific return to room temperature and Knead the bloom (white coating) if present back into the product. This will not affect the quality of Fondarific.
Fondarific in Winter Months

Fondarific may arrive firm. Microwave 10 seconds per pound checking for hot spot about every 20 seconds. DO NOT OVER HEAT! If you do, allow product to return to room temp, knead and then roll. Little or no powdered sugar or cornstarch is necessary for rolling Fondarific. Do not use shortening with Fondarific.

Sugar ( sugar cornstarch), partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, non-fat dry milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), artificial flavor, cane sugar, cornstarch,glucose fructose, water, salt, vanilla, butter flavor, Carboxymethyl cellulose, Gum Arabic, vegetable glycerin. Containers Soy and milk products.


Store Fondarific on the pantry shelf. May be refrigerated and frozen.

How to Read the Expiration Date

Fondarific has a 2 year shelf life. Product Key Code is the Julian Date. The first three numbers are the day followed by the year. This is the actual day it was manufactured; Underneath is the flavor and color. Example: 34611 (December 12,2011), BCWW (Buttercream Wedding White). This example expires December 12, 2013.
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